Member Satisfaction

Member Satisfaction Survey

Carisk is committed to providing excellent customer care and service. Member satisfaction is very important to us. The goal of Carisk is to improve Member satisfaction, whenever an opportunity is identified, and to take action when Members have concerns. To find out how well Members think we are doing, we use a satisfaction survey. This survey asks questions about satisfaction in a variety of areas. The annual satisfaction survey helps us improve the quality of our care and services.

Carisk contracts with a separate organization that sends out independent Member satisfaction surveys for health plans. They collect confidential responses from a random group of Members who received counseling or treatment through Carisk. Carisk does not know who answers the survey or what responses any one person gives. All responses are completely confidential. The summary report that the survey organization sends to Carisk shows which services Members were pleased with, and what services needed improvement. Carisk’s main concern is to look for areas that have lower satisfaction scores so we can take actions to improve Members’ care, safety and service.


Complaints and Appeals

Complaints are another way Carisk learns about ways to improve. We take complaints very seriously. Member complaints are thoroughly investigated so that issues of dissatisfaction can be promptly resolved.

All complaints are investigated upon receipt. Carisk conducts a thorough investigation of complaints including clinical issues, if any. Our goal is to resolve complaints within 72 hours. The Carisk Quality Improvement Committee analyzes complaints quarterly and annually. Complaints are tracked and categorized to better understand improvements that can be made.

To help provide Members with quality service, Carisk will keep looking at Member complaints and resolve them as soon as possible and in the best way possible. We will also use the information about complaints to improve our services.

If you would like more information about complaints and appeals or Member satisfaction in general, please call Carisk at 305.514.5300 or toll free 1.855.541.5300.

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