A patient-centered approach to managing
Acute Catastrophic and Complex
Workers’ Compensation Cases

Our Clinical Approach

The Worst Injuries Demand an Integrated Pathway 2 Recovery

Here’s What That Looks Like

Carisk is the first and only Managed Behavioral Health Organization serving the workers’ compensation industry to earn dual accreditations from both NCQA and AAAHC
1. Meaningful Patient Engagement

Injured workers who report less-favorable experiences are 3.5 times as likely to be out of work and receiving disability compensation for their injury 12 months after filing a claim. Keeping patients motivated and fully engaged in their recovery process is the most important aspect of an integrated treatment approach.

2. A Multidisciplinary Internal Care Team

An in-house team of clinical professionals is assembled and assigned for each new case, matching areas of expertise with a patient’s specific needs and risk factors.

3. An Integrated Health Assessment

Carisk’s proprietary approach includes a Comprehensive Clinical Interview that addresses all three biopsychosocial aspects to form a complete picture of the patient’s health.

4. Customized Care Plans

Information collected from the assessment is aggregated into an individualized care coordination plan. Inclusion of expected outcomes sets a clear finish line for a particular case and establishes a benchmark against which case managers can measure a patient’s progress.

5. Provider Matching

Providing custom care goes beyond selecting the services that an injured worker might need. Carisk coordinates access to quality care through an extensive network of multidisciplinary providers. The specialist providing those services matters.

6. Next Generation Integrated Technologies

Technology fosters regular communication among patients, caregivers and providers, which is critical to keep treatment on track and to evaluate an injured worker’s progress.

7. Data-Driven Insight

Carisk has a proprietary and predictive database consisting of best-in-class data. Built through an exclusive software developer relationship, Carisk’s proprietary P2R System coordinates information from the patient’s medical records, the Carisk health assessments and other third party information.

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