Working directly with counsel for
injured worker and their families
to achieve best results

The Carisk Partners legal team is in close contact with injured workers counsel throughout their Pathway 2 Recovery. 

Incorporating transparency and a patient-centered approach helps to lessen uncertainties, anxieties and fears while building trust leading to improved outcomes.

About Carisk Partners

  • Founded as a managed behavioral health organization (MBHO), serving 200,000 patients with a network of over 50,000 providers
  • Experienced in managing some of the most difficult patient populations, including patients with severe mental illness, chronic pain, and substance use disorder
  • Expanded into the worker’s compensation market, leveraging deep expertise in behavioral health

Case Review Process

  • Medical Record Review by Carisk’s multidisciplinary clinical team
    • Integrated Health Assessment 
  • Assesses potential medical, psychological and social needs
    • Care provider outreach
  • Care coordination with injured worker’s Healthcare Practitioner and Care team Contact with family/friends identified by injured worker for collateral information

Why Carisk Approaches Cases Differently

  • Carisk Partners are leaders in the implementation of a patient-focused solution for the behavioral health needs of the workers’ compensation industry.
  • Research has shown improved health outcomes in injured workers who participate in a biopsychosocial model, including reduction in musculoskeletal pain, mental health symptom severity and delay in return to function
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