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The demand for behavioral health services is stronger than ever, with more than half of Americans seeking mental health services either for themselves or for a loved one. Despite the strong demand and increased awareness of the importance of behavioral health, most believe access to services is a barrier to receiving help. Successfully integrating behavioral health with physical health and primary care services can improve patient satisfaction and overall outcomes.



Individualized, Patient-Centered Care

Founded in 2011, Carisk Behavioral Health is a Managed Behavioral Healthcare Organization (MBHO) providing access to personalized Behavioral Health and Substance Use Disorder services including careful assessment of physical and emotional needs and resulting in customized treatment and coordinated care.

Guided by empathy and compassion, Carisk Behavioral Health focuses on supporting the unique needs of each individual as they navigate their Pathway 2 Recovery. Carisk Behavioral Health delivers benefit administration and coordination of mental health and substance use services to Commercial, Medicare, Medicaid, Departments of Children and Family Services and Self-Funded Employers.

National Network of Quality Providers

Carisk is committed to maintaining a provider network of over 50,000 quality behavioral health specialists to ensure excellent outcomes for the members we serve. Carisk’s multi-disciplinary network covers all levels of care including inpatient and outpatient services in order to ensure our members access to timely services and resources. Carisk partners maintains full 3-year accreditations with NCQA since 2003 and AAAHC since 2015 for its Behavioral Health services.

Advanced, Tech-Enabled Solutions

Innovative programs, tools and technology to improve delivery of services.

Clinical, Data-Driven Best Practices

Improving clinical quality throughout the system of care with data-informed analyses, reports and training.
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