Experience unparalleled savings and contain
the rising cost of surgical implants with our
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more about our proprietary multi-sourced
database of leading national sources.

Surgical Implant Management

Surgical Implant Management

Carisk’s Surgical Implant Management program provides bill review capabilities for surgical implants, prosthetics, device implants, and joint replacements. By benchmarking true costs against a proprietary database of leading national cost sources, you are assured unparalleled savings. One of the most significant cost drivers in complex cases is the money spent on implantable items such as screws, plates, spacers and rods. Charges billed can in some cases be as high as 500% above cost which may unnecessarily increase your claims spend.

Proprietary Multi-Sourced Database

  • Carisk’s Surgical Implant Management program analyzes the true cost of your implant-related pain management and orthopedic costs, and benchmarks them against a proprietary database of leading national cost sources
  • Multiple national sources with industry-leading data
  • Compliant with all state regulations

Superior Customer Service

  • Efficient, trusted, and reliable customer service, provider relations, and implant review teams designated for each case
  • All claims are thoroughly reviewed by experienced medical implant experts
  • Dedicated & reliable US-based account management team


  • Average savings of 76% off of billed charges for implants with specific case savings over 80%
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