As a tech-enabled company, everything Concordia is doing is next generation and so is the phone system we’ve chosen through Nextiva.

In 2016, when Concordia Care began planning to accommodate its rapid growth, we needed a phone system that was scalable, flexible, and could provide features to accommodate the healthcare industry’s privacy requirements. Concordia’s previous provider was a PBX solution that required ongoing maintenance and support, and we were rapidly reaching the limit on the number of users the phone system could handle.

Nextiva provided the right solution.

“Ensuring that we were on a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform that was tested and validated was highest priority. Knowing that the system you communicate on has that security just makes our business much more efficient,” said Joseph Berardo, Jr., Chief Executive Officer. “I feel confident that I’m not going to have any issues related to privacy, whether with one of our customers, or any regulator who might be looking at our business for any reason in the future.”

“The price we get with Nextiva, the flexibility, support… understanding what we could do with the Nextiva system was unbelievable,” said Humberto Moya, Director of IT.


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