Miami- April 9 2020- Carisk Partners (Carisk), specialty risk transfer and care coordination company, announces that GEICO has chosen Carisk Intelligent Clearinghouse (CiC) as its direct clearinghouse connection for nationwide auto/no-fault electronic Bill processing, and holds exclusive access to GEICO’s claimant eligibility information in all 50 states. CiC provides national Medical Clearinghouse services for Healthcare Providers and Payers.  Specializing in Electronic Billing for workers’ compensation and auto for over 20 years, the CiC platform allows for the electronic submission of Bills and supporting documents to payers, resulting in faster processing, greater accuracy and increased cash flow. Today, CiC can connect to every Medical Billing application and payer dashboard in the country. 

“97% of claims received through CiC are processed on first submission, and we are proud to partner with GEICO to provide this capability to their Medical Providers submitting auto Bills,” says Dr. William DeGasperis, President of Carisk Specialty Services. Insuring over 17 million policyholders, GEICO is one of the largest auto carriers providing for private passenger automobile insurance in all 50 states.  

Electronic Billing validates the submission of Bills and expedites payments to Medical Providers, reducing more than 50% of phone calls inquiring about the status of Bills. “CiC streamlines electronic Billing significantly for Provider practices,” explains DeGasperis. “In many cases, Providers using the CiC next generation technology are seeing the processing of their payments in under 14 days.”

Carisk is offering Providers a seamless enrollment process enabling direct connection to GEICO eligibility feed. To be added to the CiC implementation schedule, please contact or call (973) 947- 6588. 

About Carisk Partners Carisk Partners is a specialty risk transfer, care coordination company serving insurers, government entities, self-insured plan sponsors and other managed care organizations. Carisk’s end-to-end solutions are supported by its Medical Claims Clearinghouse, Carisk Intelligent Clearinghouse providing electronic Billing services for healthcare providers and payers in Workers’ Compensation and Auto markets with supporting documentation. Carisk Intelligent Clearinghouse can connect to every Medical Billing application and payer dashboard in the country.  Visit to learn more

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