MIAMI, FL (September 1, 2020) –– Carisk Partners is excited to announce the release of the newly redesigned Carisk Intelligent Clearinghouse (CiC) website.  Acting as the bridge between providers and the payers, the CiC website ensures complete bills are electronically passed timely and accurately from providers to payers in a secure web-based environment. This latest website upgrade is part of an ongoing effort to provide next generation technologies to improve the end-to-end revenue cycle management processes for our workers’ compensation and auto/no-fault clients. 

Including an evolved look and feel, the website upgrade provides a streamlined user experience to achieve workflow efficiencies.  Through an updated interface, users are now able to access information and work queues faster and search through bills quickly to reduce administrative time associated with the processing of electronic bills. 

“Implementing these upgrades to the CiC website is timely as we continue to see more states requiring the submission of electronic bills for workers’ compensation and auto/no-fault”, states Bill DeGasperis, DC, President of Carisk Specialty Services.  “We’ve seen a significant increase in interest in our clearinghouse services given our error-proof submission process and ability to meet the specialized workers’ compensation and auto/no-fault technical requirements”.  

This launch completes the first phase of a multi-staged workstream aimed at building a predictive model powered by artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) for the early identification and intervention of high-risk workers’ compensation cases.  Powered by individual data points gathered in the CiC website for over 20 years, Carisk is building a model to improve future outcomes for injured workers. 

Chief Executive Officer Joseph Berardo Jr. comments, “If we can flag some of these warning signals early, we may be able to get out in front of these claims and reduce the incidence of ongoing, unresolved cases.”

The CiC website is built and maintained by an entirely in-house development team with average industry experience over 15 years.   Carisk’s senior level IT team is cross trained in a wide variety of skills and entirely U.S. based to ensure a seamless and expedited implementation process for its clients.   

To enroll an account or see a website demonstration, please contact

About Carisk Partners: Carisk Partners is a specialty risk transfer, care coordination company serving insurers, government entities, self-insured plan sponsors and other managed care organizations. Carisk’s end-to-end solutions are supported by its Medical Claims Clearinghouse, Carisk Intelligent Clearinghouse providing electronic Billing services for healthcare providers and payers in Workers’ Compensation and Auto markets with supporting documentation. Carisk Intelligent Clearinghouse can connect to every Medical Billing application and payer dashboard in the country.  Visit to learn more.

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