Carisk Partners has been actively monitoring the Coronavirus situation over the past several weeks as awareness has heightened. 

As COVID-19 continues to spread, we are focused on taking action to keep our employees and their families safe and protected while continuing to serve our valued customers in the manner that they have come to expect. We take seriously our role in each of the communities we operate and will do everything we can to support the efforts to slow the spread.

We are actively monitoring federal agencies such as the CDC and HHS as well as state and local governments in the areas where our employees and our customers live and work.

We are also working with many of our valued business partners, trading partners and customers to ensure that we are in perfect alignment to maintain our business systems and production work with no interruption in this challenging, ever-changing environment.

Our business is run in such a manner that all our employees can function remotely and access our cloud- based mission critical business systems such as email, telephony and various claim management systems as well as other management systems.

We wanted to take a moment to provide an update on some recent changes that we have made in light of COVID-19.  This situation is unique and constantly evolving which requires special measures to be taken.  Please note that these changes are all in addition to our existing, robust Business Continuity Plan (BCP) which we have had in place since our inception.

Some of the actions we have taken recently include the following:

  • We have sent various communications out to our staff advising of proper hygiene and protocols to follow to ensure their safety.  We have also advised employees to stay home if they don’t feel well and we are actively working with employees that may have a special situation that we can assist with as a result of staying home.
  • While we have not yet gone to a complete work from home environment, we have advised certain employees to work remotely based on their situation and we continue to monitor each situation and accommodate as necessary while keeping in mind both our employees safety and well being and the production needs of our customers.
  • We are proactively communicating with all of our employees at all locations to support work from home not only with regards to the technology, but to their personal situation as well.
  • We have increased the resources of our cloud environment by 25%. Note that our current configuration was already scaled for our existing workforce, but we wanted to proactively account for extra users and bandwidth.
  • We are working with our landlords and facility managers in all of our locations to ensure that the following is happening effective immediately:
    • Increased cleaning and sanitizing daily including all work surfaces and floors.
    • Additional cleaning and sanitizing daily in public areas including restrooms, lobbies and public doors.
    • Replacement of all filters in HVAC Systems on a weekly basis regardless of the condition of the filter.
    • Increased vacuuming with proper HEPA-filter equipped equipment.

Carisk’s Business Continuity plans have been tested in the past as we have managed severe weather events. As mentioned at the beginning of this message company’s technology infrastructure allows for secure remote access, for our team, from any location. We are confident that the actions we have taken are appropriate and warranted at this time and we believe we are poised to take additional action immediately should it be necessary.

We value our clients and their feedback and welcome the opportunity to hear your suggestions and understand how you and your business are dealing with this as well.

We remain committed to serving you in these challenging times and look forward to better times ahead.

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