Carisk Partners: Patient-Centered, Advocacy Approach to Workers’ Compensation Case Management

A patient-centered, holistic approach can make a real difference when it comes to delivering quality care to patients battling catastrophic work injuries. Carisk Partners is at the forefront of this forward thinking strategy and is committed to transforming how organizations and patients access the highest quality care and support services in workers’ compensation claims. As a specialty risk transfer care coordination company, it serves insurers, government entities, self-insured plan sponsors, and other managed care organizations.

Built on the foundation of behavioral health, Carisk Partners offers tailored solutions for delayed recovery and complex cases while providing managed behavioral healthcare organizations (MBHO) services. It ensures unparalleled cost savings for organizations by applying best practices to solve challenges for group health, casualty, and auto markets. The company’s wide-ranging solutions include providing access to a national network of imaging providers and coordinating the needs on behalf of clients. It also provides a Surgical Implant Management program that benchmarks actual costs against a proprietary database of leading national cost sources to provide bill review capabilities.

“With decades of experience, we have positioned ourselves differently in the workers’ compensation space. For us, success boils down to our people, process, and technology,” says Joseph Berardo, Jr., chairman and CEO of Carisk Partners.

The company uses Pathways 2 Recovery (P2R) system, a proprietary, integrated approach to managing acute workers’ compensation cases. An in-house team of dedicated experts conducts a comprehensive clinical interview covering biopsychosocial aspects to obtain a clear picture of a patient’s health. Understanding the complex circumstances surrounding an injured person, Carisk Partners chalks out a customized care coordination plan and shares it with treatment providers. The latest research data around evidence-based medicine, clinical pathways, and best practices is also provided.

Carisk Partners integrates patient data from multiple sources, including medical records and assessments, into a proprietary and predictive database. This is an advantage because it allows clinicians to access all data from one source and update it based on their interactions with the patient or a treating physician, putting everyone on the same page. Next-gen technologies are leveraged to ensure real-time communication among patients, caregivers, and providers, keep treatment on track, and assess improvements in health condition.

Connecting patients to healthcare resources and community-based services, Carisk Partners eliminates all the obstacles in their path and enables them to meaningfully engage in their recovery.

“Our approach is more of an advocacy model, as opposed to cookie-cutter solutions,” says Berardo. “Clients know that if we care for their injured workers, in whom they’ve invested time and money, and help them return to work, it makes for improved outcomes, not only clinically but financially.”

With decades of experience, we have positioned ourselves differently in the workers’ compensation space. For us, success boils down to our people, process, and technology.

Joseph Berardo, Jr., Chairman and CEO

The advocacy approach can make case closures far less contentious. Closure can mean either the employee returns to
work or must be paid for lifetime care, which results in a legal settlement.

Deep-rooted expertise also allows Carisk Partners to manage older, unresolved claims. In one instance, it helped a patient who injured her back many years prior. She failed to recover completely after surgery and became dependent on opioids. After receiving the referral, its care coordinator gained a deeper understanding of her situation and devised a personalized plan. But they soon noticed she was not compliant with recovery measures.

By building a solid rapport with her and conducting home visits, the team uncovered that her adult son residing with her struggled with addiction and robbed her of money when she was out for treatment. Through community-based programs, Carisk Partners helped her send her son to a rehabilitation center. As a result, the woman felt safe to focus on her recovery and eventually returned to work.

Powerful success stories like these demonstrate how Carisk Partners excels at every step through relentless compassion and superior services. The first and only MBHO with dual accreditations from the National Committee for Quality Assurance and the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Healthcare, Inc, the company continues to deliver transformative results to clients by guiding care-seekers on their unique paths to recovery.

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